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Staff Resources
National Honor Society

Organization Charter

Application for Membership

Article I

Section 1:  This organization shall be known as the: Royal Chapter of the National Honor Society.


Article II

Section 1:  The aims and purpose of this organizations shall be: to promote: leadership, community service, scholarship and involvement in diverse co-curricular activities, to help our local community, to participate in donation drives and organize service projects, to help students by offering peer tutoring everyday all year long.


Article III

Section 1:  The qualifications for membership, to which every member must conform, are as follows:

~ According to the National Honor Society guidelines; ( p. 23) Selection Procedures “Selection to NHS is a privilege, not a right.  Students do not apply for membership in the National Honor Society; instead they provide information to be used by the local selection committee to support their candidacy for membership.  Membership is granted only to those students selected by the Faculty Council in each school.”

 ~ Well-rounded Juniors and  Seniors in good academic standing, maintaining a minimum of a 3.5 G.P.A. (standard of excellence) and above, may become candidates.  

 ~ Students must have completed one year at Royal High School prior to applying.

 ~ Those student wanting to become members must attend a mandatory candidates’ meeting which is the only time that paperwork will be distributed.   The meeting explains the process.

 ~ Students must provide proof that they have not violated the Royal High School Academic Honesty Policy.   

~ Students must excel in four areas as outlined by the National Honor Society:  Leadership, Scholarship, excellence in Community Service and reflection of a commitment to a variety of Co-curricular activities.   

~ Candidates must turn in with their paperwork, a copy from our records department that verifies their G.P.A. as well as states all courses they have completed with grades at Royal High School. If appropriate, transcripts from another school must accompany the application.

~ The paperwork must be turned in on time, the date to be determined every year.

~ A Faculty Council (students are not involved in the selection process) “selects students who demonstrate outstanding performance in all four criteria of Scholarship, Leadership, Service and Character.”  According to Article IX Section 2 (National Honor Society Guidelines for selection p. 24) The Faculty council should first identify students with the prerequisite G.P.A. and then evaluate the candidates’ performance in the areas of Leadership, Service and Character.”  The selection is by majority vote.  (Article IX section 3 National Honor Society Constitution p. 9)  The Faculty Council only considers 10th grade and above activity involvement.  

~ “The Faculty Council shall meet at least once a year to review the procedures of the chapter, select members,  consider non-selection, dismissal, other disciplinary actions and warning cases.”  (p. 8 National Honor Society Constitution)

~Only those candidates become members when inducted at a special ceremony. (Article VIII, Section 4 National Honor Society Constitution p. 9)     

~ Students must submit yearly dues of $5.00 after they have gained admission to the society. “The annual individual membership dues paid to a chapter…if any, shall not exceed ten dollars inclusively.”  (Article IV section 4 National Honor Society Constitution p. 7)

~ Students must attend a monthly meeting.

~Students must become active members of the tutoring program established at Royal High School.


Section 2:  All members must possess an ASB card if the organization receives an ASB subsidy.


Section 3 Are there any membership limitations in this organization?  If so, explain in detail.  (Membership limitations may not be based on sex, religion, race, creed or national origin.)

* “There is no specific quota or percentage of members per class.” (National Guidelines for Selection Procedures. P.24)

*Must attend peer tutoring once a week.  If a member continually misses tutoring or leaves early, membership is rescinded.  

* Attendance is mandatory.  More than 2 absences may be are grounds for losing membership.

*Only those students who have completed their service requirements (peer tutoring) and maintained a 3.5 G.P.A. are eligible for cords at graduation.  

*  “Members who fall below the standards which were the basis for their selection, shall be promptly warned in writing by the chapter advisor and given a reasonable amount of time to correct the deficiency, except that in the case of flagrant violation of school rules or civil laws a member does not necessarily have to be warned.” (Section 2 Article X National Constitution p. 10)


Article IV


Section 1:  The officers and their duties shall be as follows:

President:  Oversee meetings, organize service projects, and maintain regular communication with the advisor.

Vice-President:  Receives direction from the President, organizes the peer tutoring.

Secretary:  takes minutes, sends a monthly copy to the advisor and ASB, records attendance, writes and delivers admission notifications.

Treasurer:  Handles the budget and expenditures for the society, maintains a copy of receipts for the scholarship, dues and cords.

Historian:  Takes pictures of events and creates a scrapbook of them.


Section 2:  The officers are chosen (how and when):  The officers are chosen at the last meeting of the year via a voting process.  Interested candidates speak and a ballot is tallied.


Section 3:  The standing committees of this organization shall be organized as follows:  (State purpose of each committee) Committees may be organized if issues arise, and the cabinet becomes incapable.  At this time the cabinet will organize and plan all service projects and donation drives.


Article V


Section 1Regular meetings of this organization shall be held:  The first Thursday of each month, 8:15 or as may be deemed necessary.


Section 2:  Place of the meetings shall be (at home, school, etc.):  At school, room 6-3.


Section 3:  Special meetings may be called (when and by whom?) May be called by the Society advisor, or cabinet members (President).