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Remember your favorite teacher? Remember how that teacher influenced your life? With a large number of employees predicted to retire from education, child development, and family services in the next decade, a wealth of career opportunities will be available. You might be able to affect others as your favorite teacher affected you. If you enjoy teaching children from preschool to high school, or you want to be a college professor, this sector is for you. Jobs are available for all levels of education. Training combines classroom instruction with hands-on community work experience.

About Child Development

The Education, Child Development, and Family Services sector provides students with the academic and technical preparation to pursue high-skill, high-demand careers in these related and growing industries. The Child Development pathway provides students with the skills and knowledge they need to pursue careers in child care and related fields, and the Education pathway emphasizes the preparation of students to become teachers.

The knowledge and skills are acquired within a sequential, standards-based pathway program that integrates hands-on projects, work-based instruction, and leadership development. Standards in the Education, Child Development, and Family Services sector are designed to prepare students for technical training, post-secondary education, and entry to a career.


Careers that fall under the Child Development Pathway range from child care providers, teachers, social workers, school counselors to child psychologists.

Child Development



  • Peer Tutoring (Tutor students in specific subjects)
  • Child Development  (Offered at Moorpark College, gives students dual credits)
  • Health, Safety, and Nutrition for Children (Offered at Moorpark College, gives students dual credits)
  • Teachers of Tomorrow (Intern at local elementary schools)

Other Activities

  • Guest Speakers
  • Field Trips
  • Hands-on learning